Volunteers Needed

The City of Tawas City is looking for individuals who may be interested in serving on any of the City’s boards, commission or authorities as vacancies become available.  The boards include the following:  Board of Review, Brownfield Redevelopement Authority, Building Authority, Downtown Development Authority, Planning Commission or Zoning Board of Appeals.  If you’re interested, submit an Application for Appointment to City Boards and Commissions to City Hall.  Please contact City Hall at (989) 362-8688 or email [email protected]  for more information.

City, Village and Township Revenue Sharing Program (CVTRS) Requirements

Welcome to MI Community Financial Dashboard! This dashboard is designed to provide you with easy-to-use, visual data regarding Tawas City, as well as other Michigan communities.  Our local units of government are a critical component of our infrastructure and it is important for our citizens, businesses and officials to have access to information about our fiscal health.

The MI Community Financial Dashboard is provided by the Michigan Department of Treasury using data we submit via our Annual Local Unit Fiscal Report (F65).  For more information about Tawas City’s fiscal health, please contact City Hall at 989-362-8688 or email [email protected].

The other  CVTRS  Reports (City’s Performance Dashboard, Projected Budget Report, and Debt Service Report) are published in accordance with the State of Michigan’s City, Village and Township Revenue Sharing (CVTRS) program. We have used the state recommended reporting templates in preparing the documents.

Mosquito Control Program

The City of Tawas City has contracted with Advanced Pest Management (AMP) to perform mosquito control throughout the city for 2017-2020. This will consist of treating standing water areas to control mosquito larvae, and truck fogging of city streets to control adult mosquito populations.  AMP will be using Vectobac G (Bti,.2% bacillus thuringiensis israilensis) for larviciding, and Biomist 4+4 (4% permethrin, 4% technical piperonyl butoxide) and Kontrol 4+4 (4.6% permethrin, 4.6% technical piperonyl butoxide) for adulticiding. Our regular time for spraying will be on Wednesdays after dusk. Larviciding operations (treatment of standing water) will begin mid-April. Truck ULV fogging will begin the week prior to Memorial Day, provided adult mosquito populations warrant and weather conditions are acceptable. If you have any questions, concerns, special requests, or would like to be on a notification/shutoff list, please call AMP at (877) 276-4714 or fill out the form available at  View product labels and Safety Data sheets at

Tawas City Mosquito Control Program 2017-2020

Property Development Opportunity

The City of Tawas City is seeking proposals for the sale of .62 acres of vacant property located on Industrial Drive in Tawas City. Interested parties must submit a proposal.   All operations must be compliant with the requirements of the Industrial Zoning District according to the City’s Code of Ordinances. A survey of the property may be viewed at Tawas City Hall. Proposals must be submitted to the Tawas City Clerk  at Tawas City Hall, 550 West Lake Street, PO Box 568, Tawas City, Michigan 48764. Any questions may be directed to the City Clerk at [email protected] or (989) 362-8688 during regular business hours.

Additional Recycling Options

FYI: Waste Management is offering curbside recycling for Tawas City Residents. The service would be billed directly to the resident. The cost is $17.00 monthly. Any interested resident should contact Jill Reynolds at Waste Management at 989-429-9420 to make arrangements.

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