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Tawas City, MI - Community

Tawas City, the county seat of Iosco County, is home to 1,827 people (2010, U.S. Census). Tawas City has a total area of 2.1 square miles and overlooks beautiful Lake Huron on Michigan’s Sunrise Side Coastal Highway Heritage Route. Tawas City is on Tawas Bay and home to several parks and beautiful beaches.

Tawas City is the first major community on Lake Huron traveling north on U.S. 23 from the urbanized areas of southeastern Michigan. For the northbound traveler, only occasional glimpses of Lake Huron are possible prior to reaching Tawas City. Similarly, Tawas City is the entrance to Lake Huron for traffic originating in the central portions of the state and traveling east on M-55. Tawas City is the southernmost city directly on Lake Huron offering a full variety of recreation activities with the quality “up north” character that residents and visitors highly value.

Tawas City, MI Heritage Route Brochure

Heritage Route

The Huron Shores Heritage Route brochure points out some great places to visit in Iosco County.

From Lumbermen’s Monument to Tawas Point Lighthouse, this guide will give you an inside peek to what makes the sunrise side so special.

Download the U.S. 23 Huron Shores Heritage Route brochure here.

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