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The City of Tawas City has contracted with Advanced Pest Management (AMP) to perform mosquito control throughout the city for 2023.

Initial spring larvicide application of Vectobac G (bti) to Lowland/woodland wet areas during mid-April to mid-May. This is accomplished by APM personnel using gas powered backpacks.
The mapping and surveying of mosquito breeding sites in Tawas City along with the development of historical data. The larviciding of these sites when found breeding with Vectobac G (bti) or Vectolex CG (Bs). This will be an ongoing process.
The placement of CDC dry ice baited traps and New Jersey Light traps for adult mosquito monitoring and disease testing.
Residents are encouraged to call APM office (989) 426-2420 or the toll-free number (877) 276-4714 when noticing excessive adult mosquito activity or have standing water in their immediate area.
A weekly nighttime ULV application of Biomist 4+4 or Kontrol 4+4 from a truck mounted sprayer. This application is dependent on female mosquito populations exceeding 20 in a trap, nuisance complaints from residents and weather conditions meeting the following criteria. Winds must be less than 10 mph. Temperature must be above 55*F and not raining at time of application. ULV normally occurs between Memorial Day through Labor Day as needed.

Description of Materials being used for mosquito abatement
Kontrol 4+4 (4.6% permethrin, 4.6% technical piperonyl butoxide)
Biomist 4+4 (4% permethrin, 4% technical piperonyl butoxide)
Vectobac G (.2%bacillus thuringiensis israeliensis)
Vectolex FG (7.5 % bacillus sphaericus)
Tempo 10WP (10%Cyfluthrin)

If you have any questions, concerns, special requests, or would like to be on a notification/shutoff list, please call AMP at (877) 276-4714 or fill out the form available at  View product labels and Safety Data sheets at

Tawas City Mosquito Control Program 2023
Tawas City Mosquito Management Community Outreach Program 2023
APM Shut Off Consent Form
APM Off-Road Consent Form

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