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  • Cyndi Blust
  • Shirley Gavenda
  • Christina Krasinski
  • Vacant – Alternate
  • Vacant – Alternate

The Board of Review consists of three (3) City residents who are appointed by the City Council.

This board is regulated by the State Tax Commission and the Michigan General Property Tax Act.

The Board of Review organizational meeting is held annually on the Tuesday after the first Monday of March. The board meets a minimum of 12 hours over a two-day period, usually during the second week of March, to hear appeals of the assessed value, taxable value or the classification of the property. The schedule for the March Board of Review meetings is published in the Iosco County News-Herald and is included in the Change of Assessment notices mailed by the City Assessor.

The Board also meets on the Wednesday following the third Monday in July and the Wednesday following the second Monday in December to correct clerical errors and mutual mistakes of fact including principal residence exemptions as authorized in Section 211.53b of the Property Tax Act. All meetings are held in the Council Chamber of Tawas City Hall, 550 W. Lake St. The  meetings are subject to the Open Meetings Act.

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