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  • Mary Doak, Chair
  • Tracy Stevelinck, Secretary
  • Fred Frye
  • Jackie Masich, Council Representative, Vice Chair
  • Ronald Gavenda
  • Jeff Bower
  • Tyler Leslie
  • McKenzie Nunn, EYES Participant

Regular meetings of the Planning Commission are held at 6 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month in the Tawas City Hall Council Chamber, 550 W. Lake St.

The Planning Commission consists of one (1) Council representative, and six (6) members who are appointed by the City Council for a total of seven (7) members.

The Michigan Planning Enabling Act and the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act charge the Planning Commission with a large job.  Among a long list of responsibilities, members are charged with making recommendations for the boundaries of the various zoning districts and appropriate regulations to be enforced, and any proposed amendments.  Members also review zoning applications for consideration of approval for commercial uses and any special uses.  Members are also expected to keep themselves informed as to the best practices regarding planning and zoning in the city to better ensure they’re qualified to make decisions and act on measures affecting present and future developments.

The Planning Commission is also responsible for preparing the Tawas City Master Plan.  The Master Plan is a policy document outlining the community’s vision for the future and is the basis for or influence in the community’s future, environmental protection, economic development, zoning, and other regulatory ordinances.

The Tawas City Planning Commission acts as the Parks and Recreation Board as well.  In addition to making decisions regarding development of the various parks and recreational activities in the City, the board is responsible for preparing the Parks and Recreation Plan. The  meetings are subject to the Open Meetings Act.

The Tawas City Planning Commission Rules of Procedures and Policies may be viewed here.

EYES Program

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