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Gus Oliver

The Department of Public Works (DPW) Director supervises the activities of various departments within the public works sector. These departments include streets, tree trimming, parks and grounds, cemetery, water distribution, sewer collection, storm water collection, and equipment maintenance. In general, the Director oversees the physical facilities of the community and any services that enable the community to function. The DPW Director works under the direction of and provides administrative assistance to the City Manager.

One main aspect of a DPW Director’s work is the ability to develop long-term programs that enhance the community. Additionally, the Director is responsible for reviewing the proposals of the public works staff.  The Director analyzes completed projects against the budget in order to track the spending and the success of the project.

The DPW Director is responsible for evaluating employees and establishing the criteria for which the employees are evaluated. In coordination with the City Manager, the Director conducts yearly performance reviews, hires employees, and handles terminations.

City Public Works Director
550 W. Lake St.
P.O. Box 568
Tawas City, MI 48764

Phone: (989) 362-3562

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