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City of Tawas City Regulations for Shoreline Park Day Docks

Effective Date: April 18, 2022

The City of Tawas City has adopted the following regulations for use of the Shoreline Park Day Docks. The City of Tawas City accepts or assumes no responsibility or liability for theft, damage, or injury resulting from the use of the pier or docks. The City is authorized to tow watercrafts parked in violation of this policy. Watercraft owners shall be required to pay towing, impound, and any other related fees before the watercraft is released.

Hours: Watercraft mooring is between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm and no watercraft shall be moored for longer than four (4) hours per day. No overnight parking of any watercraft shall be permitted without permission of the City Manager, Director of Public Works, or the Chief of Police. Exceptions may be made for unsafe water conditions.

Mooring Lines: Mooring lines shall be of sufficient size (no less than 3/8” nylon or equivalent) and be properly utilized to secure a watercraft to the dock in a manner that will not cause damage to either the dock or nearby watercrafts. Mooring lines should be tied in such a manner as to protect adjacent watercrafts.

Watercraft Size Limitation: All watercraft must not exceed a maximum beam of 10 feet.

Wake: Watercraft owners and operators must minimize speed and wake while entering and exiting the dock areas so as to do no harm to the docks or other watercrafts.

Swimming Area: No watercraft shall be operated or parked within the bathing beach area at any time.

Trailer Parking: Parking trailers is prohibited at Shoreline Park. There is a boat launch at Gateway Park with parking for trailers.

Life Jackets: The use of life jackets is recommended for infants, children, and non-swimmers while on the docks.

Supervision of Children: No child under 16 years of age shall be on the dock unsupervised. No watercraft operators under the age of 16 may utilize the dock.

Dogs: All dogs shall be kept on leashes and not left unattended. The owner is responsible for ensuring that the pier, docks, walkways, and immediate areas surrounding them are not used by pets for soiling. Owners are responsible for cleanup of any “accidents” immediately.

Dock Cleanliness: No waste cans, paper, debris, or other refuse are to be left the on the pier or docks or thrown into the lake. Removal of trash from the premises is the responsibility of the watercraft owner or guest.

Glass Containers: Glass containers of any kind are not permitted on the pier or docks.

Swimming: No swimming is allowed in the area of the docks, nor is jumping into the water from the pier, finger docks, or a moored watercraft.

Fishing: Fishing is not allowed in the dock areas when watercrafts are moored.

Smoking: Smoking of any kind is not allowed on the pier or the docks.

Fire: No fire of any kind, including fire contained in a charcoal burner, is permitted on the pier or the docks or on a watercraft while it is moored.

Fireworks: No fireworks or other explosives may be launched from the pier, the docks, or watercrafts. The only exceptions are fireworks approved by the Tawas City Council which will result in closing the entire pier with no mooring permitted at that time.

Fueling: Gasoline containers are not permitted on any dock and no fueling is permitted. If there is an accident caused by fuel, the offender will be held liable for the damages.
Electrical Devices: Use of electrical cords and electrical devices are prohibited on the docks. Electrical hookup is not provided, and no method of temporary power supply may be utilized.

Disturbances: Activities or operation of equipment in a manner that disturbs the quiet, comfort, or repose of a reasonable person of normal sensitivities or activities that endanger the safety or life of participants and spectators are not permitted on the pier or docks. This includes the use of devices that amplify sound, music, and/or voice.
No Commercial Activity or Usage: The docks and their facilities are for pleasure usage only. No commercial activity or usage is allowed. No watercraft shall be allowed which is in any way or at any time used for commercial purposes or which charges or accepts a fee or any other form of compensation either directly or indirectly. Exceptions may be approved by the City of Tawas City.

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