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"Find forms, applications, ordinances and other valuable information about living in Tawas City."

Forms & Applications

Agenda Request Form
Application for Appointment to City Boards and Commissions
Assessor Residential Record Card Verification Form
Auto Pay & E-mail Billing Form
Complaint Form
Employment Application
FOIA Procedures and Guidelines
Summary of FOIA Procedures and Guidelines
FOIA Request Form
Garage Sale Rules
Occupant Permit Application  -  Occupant permit is for all new business.
Mobile Food Vendor Application

Park Reservation Form -  Shoreline Park Pavilion, Gateway Park Pavilion and Town Square
Peddler Solicitors Permit Application
Planning Commission Application  -  Application for Planning Commission to request any use within any district except family residential use.
Right of Way Permit Application- Application and permit to construct, operate, use and/or maintain within the City of Tawas City right-of-way. This will include excavation, road cuts, trees, driveways, sidewalks, mailboxes and culverts.
Shoreline Park Electronic Sign/Gateway Park Banner Application
Sign Permit Application - All new and replacement signs require a permit.
Special Event Application
Zoning Permit Application -  Permits for new construction, additions, garages, demolitions, sheds, decks and fences.
Zoning Board of Appeals Application  - Application Zoning Board of Appeals Application to apply for a variance for the use of property according to the zoning ordinance.
Zoning Map


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