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"The 6.5-acre sports complex is
home to the city's main baseball field
and Community Center."

Independent Park

The 6.5-acre Independent Park, 208 North Street, sports complex is home to the city's main baseball field. The complex includes dugouts, bleachers, fencing, a portable restroom and picnic tables. Also on site is the Tawas City Community Library and an open play field. Deteriorating tennis courts at the complex were replaced with a basketball court in 2008. In 2015, the baseball field received improvements.  In 2016, the library parking lot was expanded that is adjacent to the baseball field and a new sign was installed.  In 2017, the basketball court and two pickleball courts were striped.

Park features:

  • Portable restrooms
  • Benches/seating area
  • Picnic tables
  • Softball/baseball field
  • Basketball court

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Heritage Route

Untitled document Heritage Route Brouchure

The Huron Shores Heritage Route brouchure points out some great places to visit in Iosco County.

From Lumbermen's Monument to Tawas Point Lighthouse, this guide will give you an inside peek to what makes the sunrise side so special.

Download the U.S. 23 Huron Shores Heritage Route brochure here.


US23 Heritage Route website

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