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"Most city business is conducted
weekdays at Tawas City Hall, with
meetings held at various times."

Mayor / City Council

The City of Tawas City Council consists of six Council Members and a Mayor.  Each Council Member serves for a four-year period, alternating elections every two years in conjunction with the Mayoral election.  Every two years, one-half (3) of the Council seats are vacated.  Any City resident, in good standing with the City, may run for office, provided that he/she is a registered voter in the City and has been a City resident for 12 months from the last day for filing original petition.

The City Council  holds their regular meetings the first and third Mondays of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, located in the City Hall, 550 W. Lake Street, Tawas City, Michigan.

Phone:  (989) 362-8688

Fax:  (989) 362-2521


Kenneth B. Cook, Mayor  (term expires January 2021), 400 First Avenue, Tawas City

Jon Studley, Council Member (term expires January 2021), 109 Third Avenue, Tawas City

Brian McMurray, Council Member (term expires January 2021), 1045 Bay Drive, Tawas City

Kane Kelly, Council Member (term expires January 2021), 1190 W. Lake Street, Tawas City

Michael Russo, Council Member (term expires January 2023), 326 Whittemore Street, Tawas City

Jackie Masich, Council Member (term expires Janaury 2023), 317 W. Lake Street, Unit 17, Tawas City

Jill VanDriessche, Council Member (partial term expires January 2021), 154 Roberta Drive, Tawas City








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