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The summer tax collection includes taxes for the City of Tawas City, State Education, Tawas Area Schools and Iosco County general operating millage. Tax bills are mailed July 1 and are due by Sept. 30, after which a 3 percent penalty plus 0.5 percent interest per month is added to all unpaid summer taxes.

The winter tax collection includes special voted millages for Ambulance, Medical Care Facility, Commission on Aging, Iosco County Transit, Iosco-Arenac District Library and the Intermediate School District. Tax bills are mailed Dec. 1 and are due by Feb. 14, after which a 3 percent penalty is added to all unpaid winter taxes.

Unpaid summer or winter taxes can be paid to the city treasurer until Feb. 28. On March 1, all unpaid taxes are returned as delinquent to the Iosco County treasurer for collection. Contact the County at (989) 362-4409 for delinquent tax amounts.

Qualified taxpayers may defer payment of summer taxes until the winter tax collection. Contact the city treasurer before Sept. 30.

A drop box is available for checks or money orders located off Mathews Street at the entrance of the parking lot behind City Hall.

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