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Tawas City Garbage Pickup

Tawas City Residents:

I understand that there were some areas of the City that didn’t have garbage picked up this week. There were some areas that were not navigable by the garbage trucks and Waste Management has asked that you just put the trash out again next week.

As everything begins to dry out after the storm this week, I’m certain many of you are going to have water-damaged items of which you need to dispose. Tawas City’s contract with Waste Management allows our residents to place up to six bags and one large item at the side of the road for pickup each week. They are making an exception and will pick up beyond the contracted limits. I’ve asked them to extend this service for the next two pickups on Wednesday, May 27th (moved a day due to Memorial Day) and Tuesday, June 2nd. Please understand that, with all the additional items to pick up, the trucks may be a little delayed compared to their normal schedule. If you have many items or items that are heavy, they may have to come back and pick it up with a separate truck later. They will get it though.

If you need to dispose of additional items beyond June 2nd and require a special pickup, please notify City Hall at [email protected] or (989) 362-8688 so we can make arrangements with Waste Management.

Please remember that there are some items that Waste Management cannot pickup, including building materials. You can find more information in the FAQ section of their website here –

Please don’t hesitate to contact City Hall if you have any questions.

Annge Horning

City Manager

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