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Public Hearing Notice – New Zoning Ordinance

The City of Tawas City Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on July 12, 2022 at 7 pm to recommend adoption of a new Zoning Ordinance to the City Council. The new ordinance will replace the current Zoning Ordinance in its entirety. The public hearing will be held at the Tawas City Hall at 550 W Lake St, Tawas City. The full text of the new Zoning Ordinance is available here,  at City Hall, by contacting the City at 989-362-8688, or by email. Written comments may be sent to PO Box 568, Tawas City, MI 48764-0568 prior to the meeting. The new Zoning Ordinance includes rezoning the following individual parcels which are not in adjacent blocks of 11 or more parcels. In addition, several districts are being renamed including the RA and RA-1 Districts which will be called R-1 District, the RA-2 District will be called R-2 District, and the RC and RC-1 Districts will be called R-M District.

Parcel #                                      Property Address                         Current / Proposed Zoning District

130-036-300-013-00            1124 W Lake St                                                    RA-1 / B-3
130-036-300-014-00            1134 W Lake                                                         RA-1 / B-1
130-036-300-015-00            1138 W Lake                                                         RA-1 / B-1
132-G10-000-010-00            20 Hemlock St                                                    RA-1 / OS
132-G10-000-011-00            630 Fifth Ave                                                       RA-1 / OS
132-H10-001-001-01            301 Oak St                                                            RA-1 / B-3
132-J10-999-002-25             510 Industrial Ave                                             RA-1 / I-1
132-J10-999-002-40             510 Industrial Ave                                             RA-1 / I-1
132-N10-000-001-00            20 Hemlock St (Lots 5-7)                                RA-1 / OS
132-O11-044-001-00            Between Fifth & Sixth Street – Vacant      RC / PUD
132-O11-044-007-00            Between Fifth & Sixth Street – Vacant      RC / PUD
132-O11-044-014-00            Between Fifth & Sixth Street – Vacant      RC / PUD
132-O11-055-000-00            Between Fifth & Sixth Street – Vacant      RC / PUD
132-O11-056-000-00            Between Fifth & Sixth Street – Vacant      RC / PUD
132-T30-000-010-01            301 Elms St                                                           B-1 / R-1
132-T40-000-001-00            1158 W Lake St (Lot 2 & 3)                              RA-1 / B-1
132-W20-016-003-00          134 E First St                                                         OS / R-1
132-W20-016-004-00          Court St                                                                  OS / B-2

Current Zoning Map
Proposed Zoning Map

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