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Halloween in Tawas City

Tawas City Hall has received several inquiries asking if Halloween will take place this year in light of Covid-19.

Halloween is not a City organized event, but rather a nationally recognized holiday that happens on October 31st each year. Other than announcing the suggested hours for trick-or-treating (always 5-8pm) to help keep some sense of order with the increased amount of pedestrian traffic that evening, the City has no further involvement and has no legal authority or basis to cancel Halloween or restrict the free movement of its residents.

Participation in trick-or-treating is a parent and/or individual decision, both by those who choose to allow their children to go door-to-door, and those who choose to hand out candy. All who do participate, however, should adhere to any public health recommendations from the District Health Department No. 2 (

Be safe and follow safe practices such as:
• wearing a mask (insert your own Halloween joke here)
• keeping activities outside as much as possible
• maintaining social distance if not in the same household
• not participating if anyone in the household has a positive case of Covid-19
• not participating if you have symptoms of Covid-19
• following any other guidance from public health officials

For those who choose to hand out candy, you may want to consider some creative ideas that allow you to do so while maintaining a safe distance from others. Check out this candy chute to spark your imagination –

We are several weeks away from the Halloween so we do ask that you please continue to watch for updates from the City or public health officials. Be smart, be safe and have fun!

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