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"Each Memorial Day, a memorial
service is held in honor of the
veterans buried in the cemetery."


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Memory Gardens Cemetery, 427 Meadowview Drive, was established circa 1916 and was obtained from Melissa S. Whittemore and Kate F. Smith. Each Memorial Day, a memorial service is held in the honor of the veterans buried in the cemetery.

Full Burial Fees:                                            Creamation Burial Fees:
   Summer:  Weekdays $450                             Summer: Weekdays $150
                   Saturdays $500                                  Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays $200     
                   Sundays and Holidays $550                                    
   Winter:     Weekdays $500                              Winter:  No Burials
                   Saturdays $550
                   Sundays and Holidays $600                      
 Cemetery Lot Fees:
 Resident: $350
      Non-resident: $550
  Cemetery rules:
  • Hours: 8 a.m. – dusk
  • No dogs
  • No hunting
  • No all-terrain vehicles
  • Vandalism and littering prohibited
  • Permit required for all burials
  • No tree or shrub planting
  • Flowers, wreaths and blankets must be removed by April 1 for spring cleanup, and can be placed back on one week before Memorial Day
  • Markers must have concrete foundations with a 3-inch border
  • Installation of curbs, matters of ownership and questions on care of cemetery should be referred to City Hall

 Download the city Cemetery Ordinance here (click on Chapter 7: Cemeteries).

Contact City Hall, (989) 362-8688, for cremain burials, headstone placement or the purchase of lots.

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